Find Flats in Cairo Neighborhoods Suitable For foreigners

Find Flats in Cairo Neighborhoods Suitable For foreigners

 Find flats in cairo neighborhoods suitable for foreigners.


       Egypt the mother of the world which its capital is one of the most cities in the world “Cairo”


       flats in cairo are considered as important real estate choices in the hall country!

       Cairo itself is one of the most crowded and over populated cities in the world.

       According to the overpopulation, there are lots of residential neighborhoods and places to live in.

       You could find all kinds of real estates and sorry to mention that there are lots of informal settlements which are

       accompanied with bad and primary facilities and lack the basic needs for good and healthy life.

       In brief, you should know that finding a good neighborhood and a suitable apartment for rent in Cairo, Egypt is 


   to enjoy a prominent life!

         This article discusses the best places and neighborhoods in Egypt which are suitable for foreigners.

         If you are interested, complete reading!

        Get to know the best neighborhoods that allow perfect flats in cairo for foreigners.

        We mention for you the best neighborhoods in Cairo, Egypt that are suitable for foreigner residents.

        Actually, there are many neighborhoods that provide luxury apartments for rent in cairo Egypt.

        So that these neighborhoods are your best places to look for furnished apartments for rent in cairo, Egypt in order to

   reside in Cairo, the capital.

       In fact the top suitable neighborhoods are; MOHANDESEEN,  ZAMALEK, SARAYAT EL MAADI / DEGLA MAADI,



1- Let’s start with Zamalek, a great place to rent flats in cairo!

      Yes, when we speak about living in Egypt, Zamalek neighborhood is considered as a perfect choice!

      Actually, Zamalek is located exactly on the border of the Nile river. That is why most of the flats in cairo in Zamalek

      have amazing views!

      apartments in cairo egypt in this neighborhood also have historical aspects and in general, it is a crowded region.

      These factors explain the high prices of the available cairo properties in Zamalek.

2- Maadi real estates are also perfect!

      Maadi is a famous neighborhood based in southern Cairo including more than 100.000 local and foreign residents.

      It is close to the Nile river “Corniche El Maadi” which adds an additional special features.

      Actually it is the cleanest and greenest area that you could find in Cairo! and the govenment keeps working to keep it         

      like this!

      According to the social facilities, there are educational institutes such as international schools, sports clubs, fitness

      centers, restaurants, shopping malls such as Maadi Grand Mall, cafes etc…

      So, you could enjoy a high standard of living if you get apartments in maadi Cairo!

3- luxurious villas for rent in egypt MOHANDESEEN.

       MOHANDESEEN is an old neighborhood in Egypt, its establishment dated back to the 1950s.

       It has a great history and nowadays it is considered one of the most expensive cities in Cairo.

       You could enjoy lots of exclusive features in Al-MOHANDESEEN district such as being up to date with the latest trends 

       and fashion, getting job opportunities, and enjoying developed facilities.

       So, there are schools, universities, companies, restaurants, cafes, malls, means of public transportation etc..

       Eventhought Al-MOHANDESEEN district is a quite crowded place, you could find many real estate offers including flats

       in cairo Egypt.

4- DOWNTOWN is a good place to rent an apartment in cairo.

        It is clear from the name of this neighborhood “DOWNTOWN” that it is a nice place crowded with residents, tourists,

        great opportunities for everyone and big investments!

        DOWNTOWN is full of markets and shops.. So, there are many commercial units offers on the ground floors.

        It is hard if it is not impossible to get a ground floor flat in cairo in this neighborhood.

       This place would be a perfect choice if you want to reside in Cairo for a short period of time  or if you want to invest in

       egypt properties.

5- What do you know about NEW CAIRO, SHEIKH ZAYED CITY, 6th OF OCTOBER CITY?

       New Cairo is quite different from the well known Cairo… It is located 15 km away from the center of Egypt.

       Here in New Cairo you can find prestigious villas, studios and flats in cairo for rent.

       It is noticeable that the vast majority of New Cairo residents are from the middle and upper class of Egyptian people.

       In fact, NEW CAIRO, SHEIKH ZAYED CITY, 6th OF OCTOBER CITY is rife with developed social facilities such as

       schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, shops, companies and whatever.


Have you considered maadi egypt apartments


         There are plenty of neighborhoods and districts in Cairo that suit the locals and the foreigners to live and invest.

         But Maadi in specific is a clean, green and wide city and it is rife with developed and integrated social facilities  as we

         mentioned before..

        It is close to many popular points as Sarayat Maadi and Degla Maadi which are ones of the most popular places in

   Maadi that contain foreigners and locals!

       On the other hand, there are many available means of public transportation which allow easy access in maadi itself

       and between nearby regions.

       In fact there are 3 metro stations, buses, taxis etc…

        and when it comes to real estate investment, Maadi includes many real estate offers either residential or commercial


          So, you can find maadi egypt apartments, apartment for rent maadi, studio rent maadi, villas, homes etc…

          In conclosion

    Maadi, Cairo is really a great neighborhood to settle down in or to invest!

         It is a perfect choice that you would never regret! Many real estates in maadi are waiting for you.

        Our real estate company provide the customers all available apartments and real estates for rent in Maadi.

        Welcome to you…


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