All what you need to know about Maadi | House Point Egypt

All what you need to know about Maadi | House Point Egypt

All what you need to know about Maadi.

We are speaking about a leafy super amazing suburban district in the south of Cairo, Egypt.

Maadi is also located on the eastern side of the Nile river..

Maadi is a beautiful region composed of green fertile environment, calmness and developed social facilities.

It is a preferable neighborhood to stay in and settle down specially by foreigners.

Get to know more about Maadi, Cairo through this article.

Why is living in Maadi a great experience?

In maadi you are going to meet a high standard of life.. So, everywhere is green, natural and relaxed!

There are all what a resident needs such as services and social facilities.

In general, Maadi is rife with luxurious real estates in Cairo, especially villas in maadi.

The region is multicultural, So you will spend quality time and enjoy the latest trends in the world.

Get to know more about Maadi.

The region is actually divided into 3 main areas which are; Old Maadi, Zahraa Maadi and New Maadi

El Sarayat is the oldest area in Maadi. It is rife with villas and considered as one of the richest parts of Maadi.

There is also a well known area in Maadi which is called Degla area.. 

Both Degla and El Sarayat are recognized by the calm atmosphere and the fertile environment and they attract expats from different cultures to live in.

The most real estates in maadi are in low buildings!

In fact, Old Maadi is the most prominent and luxurious area!

Meanwhile, the new areas in Maadi are El-Laselky St, Masaken Al Rayes, Saqr Kuraish etc..

It is characterized by big oil companies and many other companies.. 

On the other hand, it is the least populated district in Cairo and the vast majority of the habitants are from the middle and upper class in Egypt in addition to expatriates.

There are many international corporations, ambassadorial residences and embassies in Maadi.

What are the most popular places in Maadi, Cairo?

If you are planning to spend some time in Maadi, Cairo to entertain yourself and have fun in Maadi..

There are many amazing places to visit such as shopping malls, restaurants, cafes etc..

We mention for you;

  • Gusto restaurant
  • Boston’s Burger restaurant
  • Bistro No. 10 restaurant
  • Burdogz restaurant
  • Sliders restaurant
  • Zulu restaurant
  • Gringo’s Burrito restaurant
  • Grand Mall
  • Carrefour Maadi
  • Bandar Mall 
  • Family Land
  • The White Owl
  • and many more

What about transportation in Maadi, Cairo?

There are various means of public transportation in Maadi which allow easy movement in the region itself and between other regions in Cairo and Egypt.

the metro line in Maadi is the most popular mean, it has 3 stop stations which are; Hadayek El Maadi, Thakanat El Maadi and Maadi

There are also buses, mini buses and Nile Taxi boats so you could use a taxi boat to transfer faster!

Here are 6 reasons to choose Maadi, Cairo!

1- Green nature.

Maadi is well known for its green nature and streets. There are many gardens and there are firm rules to keep it clean!

This clean and natural atmosphere affects every one’s life here.. So, here you could live a healthy life in this perfect region.

2- Safety.

We all know that 

Most residents in Maadi are either expats or Egyptians from upper class! 

So, the community in general is fancy! There are no crimes or immoral actions.

You could live safely and raise your children in a perfect environment.

We all know that safety is the most essential element to stay and live in any place!

And in Maadi, Be sure that safety is first!

3- Developed facilities and strong infrastructure.

As we have mentioned before, Maadi including all its regions is rife with international schools, developed hospitals, many embassies, cafes, malls and shopping malls..

In brief, you could find all what you need to enjoy a high standard of life here in Egypt!


4- Real estates in Maadi, Cairo.

When it comes to speak about Maadi real estates and properties, we assure that there are various choices that suit everybody.

All the residential real estates such as (apartments, homes, villas, studios..) are developed and luxurious.

Actually, the rental prices vary between the real estates and depend on the properties and features of a certain real estate.

Anyway, you could call a real estate company and then choose the suitable real estate for you!

5- great oppurtunities.

Due to the development infrastructure, the multicultural people and the existence of big companies, schools and companies.. you could have great opportunities in your life! 

Either to work, learn or to develop your talents…

Do not forget to mention that most of the expats consider Maadi as the best place to stay in Egypt.

So there are many important embassies based here!

6- high life.

Simply, you could enjoy a high standard of living in Maadi, Cairo due to the existence of integrated facilities..

We mean by social facilities; hospitals, healthcare units in Cairo, education institutions, restaurants, cafes, malls, etc…

Actually, there are lots of international schools such as Cairo American College, Victory College at Midan Victoria and many more..

Many hospitals as women's medical center, Dr. Osman Hospital, Maadi Military Hospital etc..

There are also many big companies and universities.. So, in small details we could say that life here in Maadi is so high and nice!

After all, Maadi is a preferable place to stay in Egypt… It is a very nice choice for you and your family!

Never hesitate to come on and feel the experience!